Today's Fabulous Picture Book

I Have Heard of a Land cover I Have Heard of a Land

written by Joyce Carol Thomas, illustrated by Floyd Cooper

The experiences of African-American pioneers who participated in the Oklahoma land runs of 1889 and 1893 as seen through the eyes of a lone black woman. Based on the family history of the author.

This book brings to light the little-known experiences of African American pioneers who settled in Oklahoma during the late 1800s. In this moving account, a lone black woman poetically describes what it was like to arrive in untamed territory and try to turn it into a home. An author's note provides some historical and personal context. The dreamy oil-wash illustrations illuminate the hardships as well as the beauty of the land and its hopeful, imaginative settlers. The expanse of the prairie is well captured by full double-page spreads and carefully placed text.

Featured art

A young boy sitting among large bean plant leaves looking at a very tall castle surrounded by clouds