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Rosie's Walk cover Rosie's Walk

written and illustrated by Pat Hutchins

Rosie the hen went for a walk and got back in time for dinner. Little did she know a clumsy fox had followed all the way, trying to catch her.

Rosie the hen went for a walk and got back in time for dinner. The colorful illustrations are simple but tell what turns out to be an exciting story.  Large font and limited text make this an excellent book for emergent readers. It adapts very well to mini-lessons on making and checking predictions and adverbials of place.

I Like This Book

Rosie keeps marching confidently forward while the fox is foiled by a series of mishaps.  The fox's story is all in the pictures so it is a great book for learning to note details.

Kate Gramling

Related activities

Character Route

After an initial reading of the story, hand out signs that depict different places in the story.  The easiest way to make these is by copying or scanning pictures from the book, pasting them on tagboard and attaching each picture to a ruler. Then, during a second reading, have children raise the picture of the place when it is mentioned in the story. 

To check comprehension, after the story is finished, one student can be called upon to recall the order in which the places appeared in the story.  Students with signs can stand in the order that the student directs.  Other students can comment once the character route is complete.


Rosie the hen pattern Rosie's Walk

Use Rosie puppets to demonstrate words and phrases including adverbials of place.


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