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On the Same Day in March cover On the Same Day . . .

On the Same Day in March

written by Marilyn Singer, illustrated by Frané Lassac

An “On the Same Day . . “ activity is a good way to extend learning beyond the classroom and involve family and friends.

Choose a date several weeks in the future. March is an engaging choice because of its changeable weather. We have also used the first day of fall (winter, spring) and holidays - April Fools Day, Halloween, or New Years Day.

Enlist family, friends, pen pals, and any other interested persons to send to the group (or student requesting it from them) something that represents what was happening at their locations on that date. These messages could be in the form of photographs, drawings and paintings, narrative paragraphs or stories, brochures or advertisements, email or text messages, or any combination thereof. Be sure there is a clearly understood deadline for sending the materials so that they will be received in a timely manner. All contributions could be posted on a map bulletin board or gathered in a large class book.

A fascinating activity for the students to do on that date would be for each person to record who they were with and what they were doing at specified times. These reports could be organized in different ways and information from them could be compiled and used as the basis of graphing activities.

Answer each of the following questions for the specified times:

  • What time was it?
  • What was the weather like?
  • What did I do?
  • Who was I with?
  • What, if anything did I eat?

Home from school

Students new to the observe and report process could benefit from a template/worksheet:

  • Time I got up
  • What I ate for breakfast
  • What was the weather like at noon?
  • What I did after school
  • What I ate for supper
  • Bedtime


A variation of this activity would be for the student or group to choose three different places around the school or community and visit and record what they see at each place at different times of day or seasons of the year.