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Vroom, Chugga, Vroom-Vroom cover Race Car Roundup

Vroom, Chugga, Vroom-Vroom

written by Anne Miranda, illustrated by David Murphy

Use a pocket chart or interactive bulletin board space with transparent pockets. Make up "pits" for the race cars with number words on the "pit walls". (Use numbers from 1-10 with younger students, up to 20 or more for those more proficient.) Use the same race car pattern but copy it in different color combinations and label with its number on the hood and side. Use a helmet pattern and decorate with a number, using the color combination from the car of that number.

We put a T-chart up near the pocket chart and marked down how long it took each student to complete all the "pit stops". A more competitive record of results would be to put a sticker for each student on a oval track marked in 15-second intervals indicating their finish time.