Featured Book Activity

Flotsam cover Viewing Instruments


written and illustrated by David Wiesner

The first double-page spread shows the boy has brought a number of viewing instruments (magnifying glass, binoculars, microscope) with him to the beach. After he finds the camera he uses each of the instruments to help him explore the “flotsam”. It will increase understanding of the story if the reader is familiar with viewing instruments and what they do.

Define “viewing instrument”.
A viewing instrument is a device used for viewing or examining an object or scene, or some electrical property or signal.

Name the viewing instruments seen in the picture and what each is designed to do

Name other viewing devices and discover what are the capabilities of each
For example: telescope, eyeglasses, kaleidoscope, camera, stethoscope, periscope, reading stone, night-vision goggles, tachistoscope

Bring in as many viewing instruments as possible to provide experiences with the workings of each

Discuss which, if any, additional viewing instruments could have been useful for the boy in the story.