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Our Abe Lincoln cover On the Campaign Trail

Our Abe Lincoln

adapted by Jim Aylesworth, illustrated by Barbara McClintock

This book is based on a song popular during Abraham Lincoln's presidential campaign. Music, poems, jingles and sound bites, posters and billboards, buttons and other giveaways are all materials used to support candidates in their run for office.

Have students take a closer look at posters, videos, and paid advertisements for candidates for election to local, state or national offices. Discuss questions like "What does this material tell you about the candidate?" or "What about this presentation would make you choose to vote for this person?" Encourage students to make their own campaign materials, keeping in mind guidelines evolving from previous discussions.

Older students may want to follow actual election campaigns while younger children may be more successful conducting contests for "The Greatest" cartoon or book characters or favorite school subjects, color, food, or type of pet.