Pat Gramling, Picture Book Woman

I have always been a reader. My mother says that when I was very little, reading to me was one of the few ways my parents found to settle me down to sleep. I knew how to read before I started school and gave my early teachers fits wanting more than curriculum at the time was expected to deliver.

My three children are also life-long readers. When they were small the bedtime ritual included each child choosing a book for me to read and my choosing a new or different book to share with them. Most everyone on my Christmas list receives books as gifts and many are remembered favorites from childhood.

My father was a teacher and I always knew that was what I would be. I started early by lining up my dolls and stuffed animals and reading them stories. I worked in the nursery schools of Purdue University while studying Child Development and working for my nursery school-kindergarten license. Here I discovered the power and magic of picture books. Also at this time I began my personal picture book collection because there were so many I didn’t want to depend on libraries to provide. That collection now numbers over 6000 and is still growing.

I have taught nursery school, kindergarten, every elementary grade but fourth, remedial reading, high school home economics (child development and family living), and college level education methods courses. During each assignment I found picture books that supported and extended the concepts and lessons I was teaching. When we had an “open mike” at staff meetings I most often shared a new book I had found. My colleagues frequently came to me with questions about books they needed and school librarians and I had wonderful, mutually supportive relationships.

I am always looking for a new audience with whom I can share my love of picture books. I have done curriculum workshops with picture books at local, state, regional, and national levels. I have also done presentations for parents and caregivers at local and state levels. This website will be an opportunity to reach out and share with many more interested people.