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January 5

  • Carl Sandburg Carl Sandburg

    A Pulitzer Prize-winning poet and author whose work celebrated industrial and agricultural America, American geography and landscape, and the American common people.

January 10

  • Remy Charlip Remy Charlip

    Abraham "Remy" Charlip is an American artist, writer, choreographer, theater director, designer, and teacher.

January 16

  • Benjamin Franklin Benjamin Franklin

    Benjamin Franklin was printer, author, scientist, stateman, and Founding Father to the United States of America.

January 26

January 31

  • Jackie Robinson Jackie Robinson

    Jackie Robinson, an outstanding athlete, was the first African American to play baseball for the Major Leagues.

February 1

  • Langston Hughes Langston Hughes

    Langston Hughes was a prominent African-American poet, novelist, playwright, and social activist best know for his jazz poetry.

February 4

  • Rosa Parks Rosa Parks

    Rosa Parks was a life-long activist whose refusal to give up her seat on a segregated bus was a catalyzing event in the U.S. Civil Rights Movement.

February 6

  • New Madrid Seismic Zone New Madrid Earthquake

    The final major and arguably the most destructive of a series earthquakes in the central United States in 1811-1812.

February 8

  • A red lantern for Chinese New Year Chinese New Year

    A traditional celebration based on the Chinese lunar calendar.

February 7

  • Benjamin Waterhouse Hawkins Benjamin Waterhouse Hawkins

    Benjamin Waterhouse Hawkins was a natural history artist that became famous for his live-size sculptures of dinosaurs.

December 19

  • Eve Bunting Eve Bunting

    Eve Bunting is an acclaimed author of picture books and novels. Her picture books often tackle sensitive issues such as homelessness, death, aging, and war, and view events from a child's perspective.

December 22

  • Winter sun shinging through stand of trees Winter Solstice

    In 2014, the December Solstice will occur on Sunday, December 21.

  • Jerry Pinkney Jerry Pinkney

    Jerry Pinkney has illustrated over 100 children's books since 1964 and been the recipient of 5 Caldecott Honor Medals and a Caldecott Medal. His books have been translated into 16 languages and published in 14 countries.

December 28

  • A grizzly bear Endangered Species Act signed into law

    This law provides protection for plants and animals  that are endangered or threatened due to loss of habitat, environmental pollution, or other factors related to human activity.