Holidays, birthdays, historic events...

April 6

  • Graeme Base Graeme Base

    Graeme Base is an Australia author and illustrator who created one of the world most popular alphabet books, Animalia.

April 12

  • Thomas Jefferson Thomas Jefferson

    Thomas Jefferson was the third President of the United States and author of the Declaration of Independence.

April 16

  • Garth Williams Garth Williams

    Garth Montgomery Williams was an American artist primarily known for his work illustrating children's books.

April 18

April 24

  • Solitary tree on a hillside National Arbor Day

    Arbor day is an annual celebration of trees and a day set aside for the planting of trees.

April 30

  • Poem in Your Pocket Poem in Your Pocket Day

    Celebrate your favorite poem by carrying it around in you pocket and sharing it with others.

May 9

May 13

  • Lewis and Clark in Oregon Lewis & Clark Expedition

    The first U.S. government-funded exploration of the western wilderness – primarily covering the area added to the United States through the Louisiana Purchase.

May 18

  • Mount St. Helens erupts Mount St. Helens erupts

    Mount St. Helens is an active volcano in the Cascade Mountains of the Washington state in the northwestern United States. It erupted early in the morning on May 18, 1980.

May 19

  • Pioneer homestead Homestead Act is passed by U.S. Congress

    The Homestead Act encouraged settlement of the western half of the United States by providing a low cost way for families to acquire land for small farms.

May 22

May 23

June 2

  • Paul Galdone Paul Galdone

    Author/illustrator Paul Galdone is perhaps best known for his retellings of traditional folk and fairy tales.