About This Site

This website began as a simple mother-daughter project. For the past 35 years, Pat Gramling has been the Picture Book Woman to family, friends, and teaching colleagues. And when her daughter began to help her catalog the over 6000 picture books in her collection an IDEA was born. “What if we could share your knowledge and enthusiasm for picture books with lots of people everywhere?” This website is the result of that idea.

We define a “picture book” as any book whose illustrations are equal to or more important than text in delivering the message and the meaning.

We believe picture books are powerful tools to encourage learning and

  • Provide entertainment and enjoyment
  • Develop and sustain interest
  • Satisfy curiosity
  • Emphasize, extend, and enrich concept development
  • Encourage imaginative, creative, and critical thinking
  • Open new “windows on the world”
  • Allow less able readers to participate academically and socially in reading activities and achieve personal success

We will share our enthusiasm for picture books by providing information that encourages and supports the use of picture books and the resources to find the best books to meet the needs of each visitor.

Pat and Katie Gramling
December, 2008

This site is not affiliated with any publishing company. The books recommended on the site are chosen for their quality and how well they lend themselves to different learning activities.