Goldilocks and the Three Bears

retold and illustrated by James Marshall

James Marshall was awarded a Caldecott Honor medal for his charming retelling of Goldilocks walking into the bears' house while they are away.

In this retelling of the classic tale, Goldilocks is a "naughty little girl" who does exactly what she pleases - regardless of what she is told.  The willful child takes the path through the forest one day and comes upon the lovely, little cottage where the bear family lives.  The bears have just cycled away, taking a spin around the woods while their breakfast cools.  Goldilocks walks right in, makes herself and home, and makes messes all over the house. 

Reading with expression

This is a fabulous book to practice reading with expression.  The exchange at the breakfast table when the bears are first tasting the porridge is wonderful:

"Patootie!" cried big old Papa Bear...
"I'm dying!" cried Baby Bear.
"Now really," said Mama Bear...

Fun Details in the Pictures

James Marshall's pictures are delightful, and add depth to the lively text. Readers can see the mischief in the expressions on Goldilock's face and the growing irritation on the bears' faces when they return to find their house in disarray.  Also, the bears' house is FULL of books - we counted 22 in the dining room alone!  See how many you can find.