Math Worksheets: Thanksgiving

Sample math worksheet for Thanksgiving

This set of worksheets help young students practice addition, subtraction, comparing quantities, and working with fractions. All pages feature images of things often associated with Thanksgiving including the Mayflower, a pilgrim, native American, turkey pumpkin, bushel of apples, ear of corn, cornucopia, football, dinner plate, corn shock, and shopping bags.

This pdf file includes two each of four different kinds of worksheets:

  • Students build simple addition equations by counting items in groups and then adding groups together.
  • Learners demonstrate concepts of "more than" and "less than" by counting objects in two groups and then putting the the correct symbol in a box between.
  • Students count items in groups, then subtract the second group from the first and put the difference in a larger box.
  • Students should circle the fraction that shows what part of each set is the common image.

For a free sample of this download, see the Halloween Math Worksheet page.