Download lists

The following pages provide quick access to the downloads available throughout the site.  Many of these are free to all, and many others are free for members. Become a member today to get ALL downloads for free or a reduced price!

Art projects & patterns

A collection of downloadable patterns and art project ideas to extend picture book experiences or topical themes.

Bingo variations

Bingo games, and their variations, help young players develop listening, speaking, and fine motor skills.

Bulletin board ideas

Posters and bulletin board resources including quote cards, graphing tools, and other display ideas.


This classic memory game can be played by partners or in small groups. It is an excellent activity to develop memory skills and approaches to problem solving and is a fun way to reinforce noting details and matching attributes.


This classic game can be played solo, with a partner, or in small groups. Using dominoes encourages practice counting and recognizing patterns and can be an excellent way to reinforce noting details and matching attributes.

Learning tools

Diverse collection of learning tools: independent learning activities, display ideas, and organizational tools.

Matching card games

Simple card games where players match cards with similar or identical images helps children develop observation, logic, and fine motor skils.

Photo Cards

Photo cards are incredibly versatile learning tools that can be used for many different kinds of activities in almost any subject area.

Theater & puppets

Scripts, props, and puppets based on quality picture books you can use in theater and drama experiences.


Worksheets that provide practice for kindergarten and/or first grade students on various skills in different subject areas.

Writer Resources

Downloads that provide foundation for helping people to create their own writer's notebook.