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What's in a Name?

Using names as a basis for learning activities can greatly increase children's interest and involvement.  


Use photo cards to play a game that is great for learning history and becoming familiar with the accomplishments of historical figures. 

Working with photo cards

Photo cards can be used for many sorting, matching, and vocabulary activities in different subject areas. 

Beyond "Brown Bear, Brown Bear"

Pat Gramling shares some of her experiences creating pattern book variations with different groups of students.

Building on "Brown Bear, Brown Bear"

This is part one of a two-part series about predictable pattern books as writing prompts and imaginative tools for developing skills in comprehension and reading fluency, problem solving, and critical thinking.

Writer's notebook

A Writer's Notebook is a notebook to be used as a reference when writing. Creating and maintaining one develops information-gathering skills and provides a study tool.

On Display

Suggestions and examples of different approaches to sharing student work in child-centered classrooms.

Author studies

This article covers setting up and using author studies to enhance storytime presentations: recognizing triggers, getting started, and bringing it all together.

Picture Book Place

Picture Book Place is an area of the classroom set aside to feature and focus on a specific book or author for a period of time.

Read it out loud

Readers Theater and Choral Reading are excellent tools for creating interest and developing skills in reading. This article covers how to set them up and how to assess individual performance.

Calendar Connections

My Calendar Corner also has a selection of books and materials about time including days of the week, months of the year, and seasons. We include current events and information about “This day in history” in our daily work...

Getting to Know You

Favorite getting-to-know you ideas for the start of school - or the start of any group activity -  collected of over many years of teaching.