September 1

  • Jim Arnosky Jim Arnosky

    Jim Arnosky shares a love of nature and wild places through his stories and drawings. One of his best known characters, Crinkleroot, has often invited readers to join him as explores the outdoors.

September 13

September 15

  • Tomie dePaola Tomie dePaola

    Tomie dePaola’s illustrations, distinctive in their simplicity, grace the pages of over 200 picture books.

September 16

September 22

  • Orange maple leaves Autumnal Equinox

    The seasons officially change when the day and night are equal in length. In the Northern Hemisphere, autumn begins.

September 25

  • A red apple Johnny Appleseed

    John Chapman, a.k.a. “Johnny Appleseed”, planted apple orchards throughout the upper Ohio River Valley.