June 2

  • Paul Galdone Paul Galdone

    Author/illustrator Paul Galdone is perhaps best known for his retellings of traditional folk and fairy tales.

June 6

  • D-day landing D-Day Invasion of Europe

    D-Day is a term used to designate the planned launch of a military operation. In modern history, it is often used to mark the start of the Allied invasion of Europe near the end of World War II.

June 18

  • Pat Hutchins Pat Hutchins

    Pat Hutchins began her career as an author and illustrator with the wonderful Rosie’s Walk. Like most of her picture books, this first one featured simple text and bright, uncluttered illustrations that added a level of humor to the story.

June 25

  • Eric Carle Eric Carle

    Using tissue paper and acrylic paints, Eric Carle created one of the most distinctive styles of any picture book creator. With simple ideas and bold colors, Carle makes books for “youngsters making the transition between home and school.”

June 30

  • Tunguska Blast site The Tunguska Blast

    A massive explosion occurred in Siberia, near the Podkamennaya Tunguska River. It was likely caused by a meteor over 100 feet across exploding 4-6 miles above the ground.