Gail Gibbons

August 1, 1944

Gail Gibbons writes and illustrates picture books for children, most of which are non-fiction books that examine and/or explain a wide variety things.

Gail Gibbons was born and raised in Illinois. She earned a degree in fine arts from the University of Illinois and worked as a commercial artist for several years before illustrating her first book. Her first work for a children’s audience came when she did the graphics for a network television show called “Take a Giant Step”.

Gibbons is well known for creating books that take information about a common object or subject, like the moon or trains, and breaks it down into easy to understand pieces. Her illustrations are bright and informative; utilizing the color and design techniques she first developed working in television.

Gibbons now lives in Vermont and has published over 130 books on topics that range from The Reasons for Seasons to Corn and Trains to the moon.