Who Lives in the Snow?

written by Jennifer Berry Jones, illustrated by Consie Powell

Explores the world of mites, spiders, shrews, voles, chipmunks, foxes, and other animals that live in the snow in winter.

Cutaway paintings look under the snow covering a winter meadow to show the plants and tiny insects, larvae, mites, and spiders at the bottom of the food chain. These creatures, in turn, are food for the shrews, voles, and chipmunks that also winter beneath the snow. Foxes and weasels detect the small creatures burrowing below the surface, and deer look for sparse buds and whatever bark they can find above the snow.

The carefully researched text incorporates fascinating facts into brief paragraphs, and italicized terms are defined both in context and in the glossary. The surprisingly colorful art is realistic and finely detailed. Pictures that introduce the various creatures are clearly labeled and  different sizes of illustrations and varied page placements aid the smooth flow of information.