We're Going on a Picnic

written and illustrated by Pat Hutchins

Hen, Duck, and Goose go on a picnic but troubles start when they can't decide where to stop and eat.

Hen, Duck, and Goose gather their favorite fruits and set off on a sunny day to have a picnic. They have trouble settling on a spot: one place is too hot, another too windy, and so on. Each time they stop and discuss the site, a different critter climbs into their basket and helps himself to their picnic fare. When they return home with an empty basket they simply refill it and start out again; readers will delight in seeing the picnic thieves still lurking nearby.

Simple illustrations with bold black outlines and colored by straightforward primary shades depict the antics of Mouse, Squirrel, and Rabbit while the actual text gives not a clue as to what is happening to the contents of the basket.