Waiting for Winter

written and illustrated by Sebastian Meschenmoser

Squirrel enlists the aid of friends Hedgehog and Bear to help him stay awake to find out about snow.

Since Squirrel has never seen snow, he decides to forgo hibernation, and see what this "white and wet and cold and soft" substance looks like. Fearful that he may fall asleep while waiting, he and his friends try exercise and singing; finally, they set off in search of the elusive white stuff. Squirrel, Hedgehog, and Bear each find what they think is snow only to be pleasantly surprised when the first flakes start to fall.

Sketch-pad colored-pencil artwork features mostly browns and grays until a wash of blue is added along with the arrival of snow and makes the white spaces come alive. The expressions on the faces of the impatient squirrel and the disgruntled bear are priceless!