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This section includes descriptions and links to recommended picture books that make excellent feature books in different themes or are special favorites that can extend and enrich the study of a particular subject.

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The Garden of Abdul Gasazi cover The Garden of Abdul Gasazi

When the dog he is caring for runs away from Alan into the forbidden garden of a retired dog-hating magician, a spell seems to be cast over the contrary dog.

Jumanji cover Jumanji

Judy and Peter unfold an ordinary-looking board game to relieve their boredom and find a realistic jungle and the most bizarre adventure of their lives.

Just a Dream cover Just a Dream

Walter is a litterbug who does not understand his role in keeping the planet healthy . . . until a fantastic journey shows him the tragic fate that could befall Earth if humans like him are not more careful.

The Polar Express cover The Polar Express

A magical train ride on Christmas Eve takes a boy to the North Pole where he receives the first gift of Christmas.

Queen of the Falls cover Queen of the Falls

Follow Annie Edson Taylor, a retired charm school teacher, as she attempts to be the first person to go over Niagara Falls--in a wooden barrel.

The Stranger cover The Stranger

The enigmatic origins of the stranger Farmer Bailey hits with his truck and brings home to recuperate seem to have a mysterious relation to the weather.

The Wretched Stone cover The Wretched Stone

A strange glowing stone picked up on a sea voyage captivates a ship's crew and has a terrible transforming effect on them.

Round and Round Again cover Round and Round Again

Mama can find a use for anything. She drives all over town scavanging "goodies". But what will she do with all the stuff overflowing the front yard?

My Name Is York cover My Name Is York

A slave describes the journey he makes with his master Captain William Clark into the uncharted territory of the American West.

el invierno cover El Invierno

Very brief Spanish text and simple pictures describing winter.

Diego Rivera cover Diego Rivera

An entertaining and humorous introduction to the famous Mexican artist, Diego Rivera with full-colour reproductions of some of his actual paintings and murals.

St Patrick's Day Alphabet cover St. Patrick’s Day Alphabet

A beautifully illustrated storybook dictionary explains 26 Irish traditions.

Alexander and the Terrible Day cover Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day

Alexander is having one of those days when nothing seems to go right for him.

Rosie and Michael cover Rosie and Michael

Friendship overcomes all problems according to Rosie and Michael. Sharing laughter, sharing possessions, helping one another in dire emergencies, and even being mad once in a while.

The Nativity cover The Nativity

The miraculous story of the Nativity with text from the King James Version of the Bible and unexpected non-traditional illustrations.

rabbit and turtule dressed to race M.C. Turtle and the Hip Hop Hare

This updated version of "The Tortoise and the Hare" is a rap about a bragging Hare who gets put in his place by a brave little turtle.

Volcanoes and Earthquakes cover Volcanoes and Earthquakes

Which of the world's volcanoes is taller than Mount Everest? What causes exploding islands or earthquakes under the sea? Find the answers to these and other intriguing questions here.