Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star

illustrated by Jerry Pinkney

Beautiful watercolor illustrations present this enduring lullaby from an unusual perspective.

After many years of watching energetic chipmunks outside his studio the artist has finally chosen the perfect vehicle to feature one as his main character. The chipmunk's natural curiosity and the intriguing natural world in which it lives inspired the artist to develop a fantastic exploration of the chipmunk's world in reality and in dreams.

Spanning a day from dawn (seen on the front endpaper) to dreamtime and beyond, the luscious watercolors bring life and new meaning to the five different verses of this popular English nursery rhyme. The magnificent detail highlights many star shapes hidden in nature and the changing colors of the background note the passage of time.

The mix of sizes of pictures, pages with simple text and changing fonts, and wonderful spreads of wordless beauty all flow together seamlessly to make this an adventure to which the reader can return again and again and always find something new.