The Train to Timbuctoo

written by Margaret Wise Brown, illustrated by Art Seilen

A classic story that follows the travels of two trains - one big, one little - as they head down the tracks for Timbuctoo.

"Slam Bang grease the engine; throw out the throttle and give it the gun!" Two trains head down the tracks from Kalamazoo toward Timbuctoo. The big engineer blows the big whistle as he takes his big train through big tunnels and across big bridges. The little engineer blows his little whistle and he takes his little train through little tunnels and across little bridges. Changes in font sizes reinforce the concepts of big and little. The illustrations are a colorful match to the rhythmic text.

For many, many months this was the book my son Barney chose for me to read to him at bedtime every night. It didn't take long before he was correcting me when I skipped a part or didn't make my whistles loud enough for the big train or the "clickety-clacks" tiny enough for the little train. We actually "loved" several copies to death. I was thrilled when the story was re-released in a larger format. I gave Barney his own copy for Christmas and (at age 42) he still loves it!