The Three Little Pigs

retold and illustrated by Steven Kellogg

The favorite folk tale with interesting characters, inventive plot twists, and good-natured humor.

Serafina Sow supported her family with her traveling waffle business, but she retires to the Gulf of Pasta and turns the business over to the next generation. Percy builds a straw bungalow, Pete a log cabin, and Prudence a brick cottage. Enter Tempesto the wicked wolf . . .  Much of the humor is developed through the lively, colorful illustrations, and there's wordplay aplenty in the text and pictures too. The ending is unexpected and satisfyingly nonfatal.

My Personal Favorite

Readers will enjoy this book even more if they are already familiar with the traditional version of the story. I think it is one of the most inventive and entertaining of available adaptations.

Pat Gramling