The Worry Stone

written by Marianna Dengler, illustrated by Sibyl Graber

An old woman shares her park bench with a lonely boy and tells him comforting stories from her childhood.

An old woman enjoys watching children play in the park but is troubled by a sad-faced child who silently shares her bench. The other children say he is too little to play with them, reminding her of her own childhood, and thus begins the second story. No one in her large family on the hacienda had time to play with her except Grandfather. The highlight of their days together was the stories Grandfather shared.

One story was inspired by a shiny, smooth stone she picked up on their morning walk. Calling her find a worry stone, Grandfather told her the story of the Indian bride Tokatu's tears for her dead husband--tears that became stones and, when rubbed slowly and thoughtfully, the stones seemed to ease the holder's troubles. The iridescent watercolor illustrations bring to life the three-stories-in-one.