The Very Quiet Cricket

written and illustrated by Eric Carle

A little cricket hatches and finds he cannot make his chirping sound. He keeps meeting other insects and rubbing his wings together but no "talk". A special surprise awaits the reader as the cricket finally finds his voice.

A little cricket has no song - he rubs his wings together and nothing happens. He sets off to find his voice and meets all kinds of creatures who make all kinds of noises, but still he can make no sound at all. One day he meets a special friend and this time, when he rubs his wings together, he makes 'the most beautiful sound you have ever heard'.

The sound, produced by a hidden chip, reinforces the joyful conclusion to the cricket's dilemma; the quiet cricket bursts into (surprisingly authentic) electronic song as you turn the last page. (The battery is replaceable.) An amusement for the ears and a feast for the eyes. The colorful cut-paper illustrations are simply gorgeous, drawing you in even after innumerable readings.

Insects he meets include crickets, a locust, praying mantis, spittlebug, cicada, bumblebee, dragonfly, mosquitoes, and a luna moth.