The Little Brute Family

written by Russell Hoban, illustrated by Lillian Hoban

The Little Brute Family is quite a disagreeable lot until Baby Brute finds a little wandering lost good feeling that changes everything.

The little family of Brutes were always surly and mean to each other. They growled and grumbled and groaned every miserable day. One day the baby Brute discovered something in a field of daisies that changed their lives to happiness, success, and peaceful enjoyment of each other's company.

Focus on family relationships

The Little Brute Family can help focus discussion of manners and behavior within the family. It is often easier for young readers to open up when having a conversation about characters in a book rather than their personal situations. This book also suggests that joy brings contentment while meanness and misery cause all kinds of problems. I like the way the changes in the lives of family members come about gradually and seem to result from their being nice to each other.