The Grouchy Ladybug

written and illustrated by Eric Carle

A bad-tempered braggart becomes a nicer, happier, better-behaved bug while concepts of comparative size and telling time are introduced.

A grouchy ladybug who is looking for a fight challenges everyone it meets regardless of their size or strength. How this bumptious bug gets its comeuppance and learns the pleasures to be gained by cheerfulness and good manners is an amusing lesson in social behavior. Tiny clocks show the time of each encounter, with the sun rising and setting as the action proceeds. Brilliantly colored finger paint and collage illustrations on die-cut pages add drama and dimension.

I Love This Book

It is so much fun. Children become actively involved in the story as they chime in "Hey you, want to fight?" Their participation and enjoyment make the segue to the lessons of relative size, time on the hour, or attitude and behavior much easier.

Pat Gramling