The Dragon’s Robe

written and illustrated by Deborah Nourse Lattimore

A young weaver in twelfth-century China saves her people from drought and foreign invasion by weaving the imperial dragon's robe.

Kwan Yin saves China by weaving a dragon robe for the emperor to placate the rain dragon who has been angered by the emperor's false ministers. Faithful Kwan Yin not only observes their treachery, but she also steadfastly weaves the dragon robe in the face of all danger until it is finished and taken by the rain dragon who, in return, destroys the enemy.

The stunning artwork uses traditional Chinese designs and colors in picturing an imaginative phoenix, a ferocious tiger, and a magnificent dragon. The text appears as scrolls on each page with textured, inset, seemingly woven scenes at the tops of many of them, adding to the visual narration. The two page spread of the rain dragon in all his splendor and fury is exquisite.