The Doorbell Rang

written and illustrated by Pat Hutchins

Ma has made a dozen delicious cookies, plenty for her two children. But then the doorbell rings--and friends arrive to share the yummy treats. Then the doorbell rings again . . . and again . . .

Victoria and Sam are just sitting down to a plateful of Ma's cookies when the doorbell rings, and two of their friends arrive to share the feast. The doorbell rings again and again and each time the number of cookies per person dwindles until at last there is only one cookie per person and . . . the doorbell rings again!

Cheerful illustrations in exuberant colors flow from page edge to page edge. The double-page spreads are filled with details for readers to find, such as the wandering cat, Ma's unending battle with footprints on her clean kitchen floor, and facial expressions reflecting the changing emotions of the children. The math concepts shown (equal groups, division) make this a valuable choice for curriculum support while the concept of sharing makes it ideal for character education discussions.