The Adventures of Abdi

written by Madonna, illustrated by Olga Dugina & Andrej Dugin

Come along with Abdi, a young orphan, on his fantastic journey to deliver the most precious necklace in the world to the queen.Will he accomplish his task or be thwarted by ruthless rogues, savage snakes, and deadly dungeons?

Follow young Abdi, an orphan who is instructed to bring the queen a necklace for her birthday. On his journey through the desert, the necklace is stolen and replaced with a snake. Abdi is thrown into prison but perseveres and conducts himself according to Eli's advice:

"Without certainty, we can accomplish nothing.... You must say to yourself, `I am sure it is for the best!' "

A feast for the eyes that also provides food for thought. Striking illustrations with sandy pastel hues and intricate Middle Eastern designs create scenes of stunning, dream-like fantasy full of elaborate floral motifs and weird creatures.