Tales of Uncle Remus

written by Joel Chandler Harris, retold by Julius Lester, illustrated by Jerry Pinkney

Whether he is besting Brer Fox or sneaking into Mr. Man’s garden, Brer Rabbit is always teaching a valuable lesson with wit, humor, and wisdom.

In these contemporary retellings of the adventures of Brer Rabbit and friends first shared by Joel Chandler Harris, master storyteller Julius Lester has brought the misadventures and life lessons into the here and now. He has made the stories more accessible to today's readers by using familiar modern settings and developing the rhythmic text in southern black English instead of the slave dialect of the original tellings.

The expressive black-and-white line drawings embody the spunk and vigor of these 48 timeless tales. My favorite has always been "Brer Rabbit and the Tar Baby."

"Do what'nsoever you want to with me, Brer Fox, but please, please, please! Don't throw me in that briar patch!"