Taiko on a Windy Night

written by Sally Derby, illustrated by Kate Diesler

"The wind cried adventure, the moon shone mystery." A black cat enjoys the sights, sounds, and smells of a nighttime stroll.

Taiko is a little black cat with white paws and bib. It decides not to come inside when called but wanders off into the night. After several adventures it decided home is best and comes back to its owner. The illustrations are simple with lots of shadows and washed with a dark blue of night. The author uses many interesting verbs such as streaked, sprinted, crouched, and sauntered.

A Personal Favorite

Much of the word choice in this selection is so refreshing. "Dancing proud black shadows" and the "full moon turned the grass to silver". A beagle "sauntered and strolled" and "crumpled paper came scritch-scratching".

Pat Gramling