Summer Stinks

written and illustrated by Marty Kelley

A rhyming alphabet book in which a boy lists all his reasons for disliking summer.

The narrator gives 26 reasons for disliking summer. The colorful cartoon-like character is humorously presented in each of his dilemmas; for example, "E is Elastic that broke in my shorts" shows the boy hanging from the monkey bars in his underwear with his shorts around his ankles and numerous people standing around laughing and pointing.

Summer stinks! What more do you need to say about a hot, sweaty, bug-riddled season?

Although the paintings are simple the faces and body language are quite expressive.

For Example:

G is for Gum someone dropped on the ground. (Boy on step with gum stuck to him everywhere)

P is for Popsicle, melting on me. (Girl in tree has popsicle dripping down on boy on bench below)

X marks the spot where the treasure is not. (Very disappointed boy on edge of big hole)