Spiders Spin Webs

written by Yvonne Winer, illustrated by Karen Lloyd-Jones

Beautiful, non-threatening pictures and simple, rhyming text make Spiders Spin Webs and excellent introduction to the world of spiders.

My personal favorite -

If I could have only one book about spiders in my collection, Spiders Spin Webs would be my choice.

- Pat Gramling

This book is a beautiful introduction to some of the world’s spiders. Each spider is shown in isolation on the left page with the text while the same spider is shown in its natural surroundings in a full page color spread on the right side. These fantastic illustrations by Karen Lloyd-Jones are brightly colored, realistic, and incredibly detailed.

The rhyming, repetitive text makes this a good book for reading aloud. It is full of marvelous word pictures, painted with word choices not often found in picture book text:

"Spiders spin webs,
An incredible sight,
Like the sails of a galleon
In shimmering light."

From Spiders Spin Webs

There is a Spider Identification Guide in the back of the book which contains information on each of the selected spiders. Beside each paragraph of information is the same picture from the left side of the pages, reduced in size. Also in the back of this book is a list of recommended readings and an Internet resource guide.