Sky Tree

written and illustrated by Thomas Locker

A tree stands on a hill by a river. As the sky changes, so does the tree, its branches filling with clouds, stars, snow, birds, mists, and the golden spring sun. Connecting art and science.

A solitary tree, standing at river's edge and backed by an expansive sky, is altered by the cycle of the seasons and the rising and setting of the sun. After its leaves have dropped, the tree's bare branches are "clothed" in the same shape by being depicted against clouds, stars, snow, and even a flock of birds. Each magnificant oil painting faces a brief caption printed in slightly enlarged type, plus a question designed to stimulate further discussion.

Don't Miss

The questions for further discussion and their answers are included in an illustrated epilogue. Written by Candace Christiansen, a chemistry teacher as well as a children's author, they give a scientific turn to basic lessons in understanding art.

Pat Gramling