The Skull Alphabet Book

written Jerry Pallotta, illustrated by Ralph Masiello

Skulls of mammals from anteater to zebra with information, riddles, and hidden pictures.

The skull of a different mammal is presented for each letter of the alphabet. Sometimes the skull clearly shows the animal from which it came, sometimes there are clues in the text or illustrations and some are quite tricky. On a spread between V and W the names of each animal featured in the alphabet are hidden among drawings of non-mammal skulls. The author also includes information about skulls in general and interesting notes about specific animals. The fascinating illustrations are realistic oil paintings full of details.

Helpful Hint

I'm not sure why but most illustrations include one or more U.S. presidents' faces hidden in the background or even on the skull itself. I find this somewhat distracting from our work with bones and have seldom pointed this out to younger readers. The names of the presidents are on the V--W spread.

Pat Gramling