Silver Seeds

by Paul Paolilli and Dan Brewer, paintings by Steve Johnson and Lou Fancher

Poems that flow through the cycle of a day, viewing ordinary experiences through fresh eyes.

Original poems are arranged according to the cycle of a day; the verses follow a young boy and girl from dawn to darkness as they find wonder in a hummingbird, their shadows, clouds, rain, fog, and a handful of other ordinary yet fascinating sights. The short poems use simple language and are filled with imagery. Using the acrostic model, they build on the letters that make up the word being described.The illustrations are warm and colorful and the shifts in perspective often heighten the effectiveness of the verse.

My Personal Favorite:

The 2-page painting shows a bumblebee buzzing around the forehead and eyes of the child, larger than life . . .

Echoes in our

This book is a wonderful way to encourage thoughtful observation and using one's imagination as well as introduce acrostic poetry.

Pat Gramling