Scrambled Eggs Super!

written and illustrated by Dr. Seuss

"Riotous humor in picture and verse as an enterprising Seuss creature hunts uncommon eggs for a super deluxe dish."

Bored to bits by his mother's habit of always making scrambled hens' eggs, it's time for "Scrambled eggs Super-Dee-Dooper-Dee-Booper, Special deluxe a-la-Peter T. Hooper". We're off to parts (and birds) unknown, all told and illustrated in classic head-over-heels Seussian style. Finally, after capturing a small mountain of different types of egg it's back to the kitchen for a 99-pan scramble, with all sorts of bizarre ingredients added just for fun.

This has always been one of my favorite Dr. Seuss books because it is so much fun and can be used in a variety of themes: author study, birds, cooking, eggs, . .