The Scarecrow Dance

written by Jane Yolen, illustrated by Bagram Ibatoulline

A scarecrow happily dances away from his post one windy night until a child's prayer teaches him how important he is to the farm.

After coming free on a windy autumn night a scarecrow dances away under the moon. After hearing a child's prayer to "bless tonight our old scarecrow who guards the fields and each corn row" he realizes his place and duty and returns to his pole. The illustrations in muted blues and grays of night and the browns of the fields are a wonderful extension of the rhyming text.

The little boy has an extensive prayer asking for blessings for pigs, chickens, cats, cows, the barn and the tractor. The text also asks "What prayers do scarecrows make to God?"

These religious references might be a factor in deciding whether to use the book with a specific group.