The Rough-Face Girl

written by Rafe Martin, illustrated by David Shannon

An Algonquin Cinderella story in which a powerful invisible being will marry the woman who can prove that she's seen him.

An Algonquin folktale in which the youngest of three sisters is forced to sit by the fire and feed the flames, which results in the burning and scarring of her hair and skin. Desirous of marriage to an Invisible Being who lives in a huge wigwam across the village, these cruel siblings must prove to the Being's sister that they have seen him, but they fail. The Rough-Face Girl, however, sees the Invisible Being everywhere.

Finely crafted full- and double-page acrylic paintings in the rich hues of the earth mirror the full flavor of the story. The bold illustrations include powerful, stylized figures and stirring landscapes and meticulous research is evident in intricate details of native dress and lodging.The stunning cover portrait shows at one glance both the girl's beauty and her frightful scars.