Rosie and Michael

written by Judith Viorst, illustrated by Lorna Tomei

Friendship overcomes all problems according to Rosie and Michael. Sharing laughter, sharing possessions, helping one another in dire emergencies, and even being mad once in a while.

Rosie and Michael are explaining why and how they are friends by telling about the things they do together, the tricks they have played on each other, and even some of the rocky times in their relationship. Rosie likes Michael when he's dopey and not just when he's smart. Michael likes Rosie when she's grouchy and not just when she's nice. When Michael's parakeet died, he called Rosie. When Rosie's dog ran away, she called Michael. Michael once sprayed Kool Whip into Rosie's sneakers. Rosie once put a worm in Michael's sandwich. But, they're still friends. The detailed line drawings add depth and humor to the tale of friendship told in two voices.