Red-Eyed Tree Frog

written by Joy Cowley, photographed by Nic Bishop

Outstanding photographs allow you to spend a day up close to a red-eyed tree frog in a rain forest in Central America.

Stunning color photographs are arranged to tell an exciting narrative and enrich the brief text, effectively building the suspense. As evening comes, the frog wakes up hungry. What will it eat?  A photo shows a frog and an iguana eyeing one another but neither eats the other. It does not eat the ant or the katydid or the poisonous caterpillar. Then suddenly, a hungry boa slips and slithers along a branch. The snake's tongue flickers as it tastes frog in the air. Then, in a climactic double-page spread, the frog jumps and escapes. It finds a moth and crunches it. Finally, the frog shuts its red eyes, as morning comes to the rain forest.

I Like This Book

The simple, readable text makes the frog's story fun, interesting, and much more accessible to young readers than most books about rain forests.

Pat Gramling