The Queen's Progress An Elizabethan Alphabet

written by Celeste Davidson Mannis, illustrated by Bagram Ibatoulline

Rhymed verses, stunning illustrations, and a fascinating text all come together in alphabet book form, telling an imaginative story about Queen Elizabeth and her  journeys through England's countryside.

Appropriate for older readers

Every summer Queen Elizabeth I took a journey throughout the countryside of England to see and be seen by her subjects.  In this unique alphabet book lavish illustrations, reminiscent of illuminated manuscripts, follow the Queen's progress.

Each letter is presented nearly full-page size in fancy script and decorated in a gold scroll motif, accompanied by a snippit of information in a 4-line rhyme written in large font. Richly colored paintings fill the 2-page spreads and enhance the historical details developed by a paragraph of additional text in smaller font.

There are several layers of story. One looks at the Queen’s progress in general terms while another tells of the foiled attempt to assassinate the Queen on one particular progress. There are also many fascinating anecdotes and details about life in Tudor England. Unfamiliar vocabulary (gambols, strife, preen, noggin, wherries, and the like) may challenge some but context and intriguing pictures will help readers understand the goings-on.

G is for garden and in it a maze,

P is for players who act out a scene.

X is for xystus, a bower of flowers.