The Princess and the Pig

written by Jonathan Emmett, illustrated by Poly Bernatene

When a new baby princess accidentally changes places with a piglet, both of their lives are forever changed.

Once upon a time a ludicrous switch causes a baby princess (now Pigmella) to become a poor farmer's daughter and a piglet (now Priscilla) becomes royalty. The farmer and his wife and the king and queen decide the swap was the work of fairies and raise the females as their own. Of course, the girl has a much easier time growing up on a farm than does the pig in the castle. When the farmer’s wife hears about the "piggy" princess she figures out what must have happened. Being honest folk, the family goes to the castle to straighten things out. The king and queen think Pigmella is just out to trick a prince into marrying her and send them all packing. Pigmella marries a young shepherd and lives happily ever after; I doubt one can say the same for Priscilla and the poor prince talked into marrying her.

Funny digital drawings in bold colors add richness to the smoothly flowing text. Each silly situation is followed by, "It's the sort of thing that happens all the time in books," a line that active listeners will enjoy repeating. With each plot twist there is also a character in the illustration holding a book (Sleeping Beauty, Thumbelina, The Prince and the Pauper, Puss in Boots, or The Frog Prince) that may have a similar plot line.