Piggie Pie!

written by Margie Palatini, illustrated by Howard Fine

Resourceful pigs save themselves from ending up in a pie wanted by a grouchy old witch.

Gritch the Witch woke up grouchy, grumpy, and very hungry. She sets out for Old MacDonald's Farm to get herself some plump piggies. Alerted, however, by her skywritten ``Surrender Piggies!,'' the swine hastily don sheep, cow, and other barnyard disguises and fool her with their good acting and poker-faced denials of any pigs in residence. The still-hungry Gritch is finally persuaded to give up by a Big Bad Wolf and the two go off for lunch, each picturing the other made into a sandwich.

Children may not catch all the humorous references but many will appreciate allusions to popular children's stories from The Wizard of Oz to the "Three Little Pigs".

Gritch’s conversations are deliciously naughty and the exuberant text is a delight to read aloud. The exaggerated illustrations are bold, colorful and action-filled. I especially like the two-page spread where the pigs are donning their disguises—facial expressions and body language are priceless!