Over Under in the Garden

written and illustratec by Pat Schories

With help from an industrious chipmunk discover plants, animals, and insects for every letter of the alphabet in a beautiful garden.

The title page shows the entire garden and surroundings. Each letter has a big picture with focus on plant and creature for that letter along with illuminated letter and name labels. In the background in muted colors the chipmunk is doing something out in the garden. The colors in the foreground are bright and the pictures are quite detailed. This is a good lap book or for use with small groups.

For example:

G is for grapes and grasshopper (the chipmunk is sitting under the grape arbor)
P is for peas and praying mantis (the chipmunk is in danger of being eaten by a snake--in peril)
X is for xeranthemum and xenopsylla cheopsis--flea (the chipmunk is scratching himself)