Over in the Jungle: A rainforest rhyme

written by Marianna Berkes, illustrated by Jeanette Canyon

Sing, clap, and count your way among enchanting rainforest animals.

A variation of the old counting rhyme "Over in the Meadow", this time focusing on animals of the tropical rain forest. The unusual and colorful illustrations are made with polymer clay and then photographed, giving them a three-dimensional look. Each spread has the text and a number on the left against a dark-green leaf background, and shows one animal family with the correct number of babies as well as several other sets of indigenous plants or animals to count.

A long double page shows all the levels of the rain forest in cross section, and children are challenged to count the animals previously encountered and now hanging on the vines and hiding underneath the trees, etc. The author includes pertinent information on the habitat, describes the different layers of the rainforest and its importance to our global ecology, and suggests movement activities for children to act out the rhyme.