Our Tree Named Steve

written by Alan Zweibel, illustrated by David Catrow

When a storm fells a favorite tree, Dad writes a letter to his children recounting memories of the role Steve (the tree) has played in their lives.

This is a great book to explore with children who are working through family changes and loss.

Dad writes a letter to his children to tell them the bad news: their favorite tree was demolished in a storm. He reminds them of the day the family was planning for building their new home. Trees had to be cleared, but a huge one, named "Steve" by the 2-year-old who couldn't pronounce "tree," was spared. Through the years, Steve became the family swing, third base, laundry line, campground, dance hall, and even a place for flirting with the neighbors. The pencil-and-watercolor cartoons feature squidgy round-faced children and their demonstrative dog. The illustrations extend the brief text with many visual jokes: bright colors gives way to dark magenta and blue when the tree dies.