One Duck Stuck

written by Phyllis Root, illustrated by Jane Chapman

When an unlucky duck gets stuck in the muck, different groups of marshland creatures, from two fish to 10 dragonflies, offer to help.

Different groups of marshland creatures, from 2 fish to 10 dragonflies, offer to help a duck who has managed to get himself stuck in the muck. Despite the best efforts of each group the duck stays stuck. It is only when they all work together that the duck's foot is finally free with a rousing "Spluck!".

The rhythmic text is full of delicious onomatopoeia:"Splish, clomp, pleep, plop, plunk, sloosh, slosh, slink, zing." What a delight to read aloud!

Lush illustrations are full of marshy colors and muddy detail. The right side of each two-page spread shows the unfortunate duck eagerly waiting to be freed by its lively rescuers, while on the opposite side the featured number is printed, large and bold, over the text, and the splishers and ploppers are depicted again for easy counting.