One-Dog Canoe

written by Mary Casanova, illustrated by Ard Hoyt

A girl and her dog set out in their canoe one morning, only to be insistently joined by a series of animals, large and small.

A girl and her dog set out for a trip in a red canoe. Various animals they meet ask if they can come along and, although she becomes increasingly concerned for their safety, she reluctantly says "Yes" to each. Beaver, loon, wolf, bear, and moose crowd in but when a frog tries to join them the canoe tips over and everyone has a "good swim".

The hilariously exaggerated facial expressions are the highlight of the pencil and watercolor illustrations. I especially like the two-page spread where those in the canoe have just been accosted by the bear.

Rhythmic rhymes and onomatopoeic sound effects add charm to the familiar story pattern, and the lengthening refrain "It's a one-moose, one-bear, one-wolf, one-loon, one-beaver, one-dog canoe!" encourages listeners to become active participants in the reading.