Old Black Fly

Jim Aylesworth, illustrated by Stephen Gammell

Wing your way through the alphabet on the back of a pesky housefly who leaves a messy trail of near disasters in his wake.

This fly is on an alphabetical rampage through the house, leaving a messy trail of near disasters until finally meeting up with "SPLAT!" The text is a funny, rhythmic chant with delightful "Shoo fly! Shoo fly! Shoo!" refrain. A brightly colored first letter highlights one word on each page that corresponds to the objects and action found in the illustration. Gammell's splattered and messy illustrations are vibrantly colored and alive with humor.

For example:

G: He danced on the edge of the GARBAGE sack
P: He pestered the PARROT  on her stand
X: He made a little X with his front feet

Shoo, Fly, Shoo!

Ant, Ant, Ant! cover

Luna Moth, Io Moth, Sulphur, Blue. Housefly, Black Fly. Shoo, Shoo, Shoo! On this two-page spread in Ant, Ant, Ant! all of the other insects are pulling hard to keep the Luna Moth from flying into the "Bug Zapper". Black fly is at the end and, by the flapping of his wings, appears to be working the hardest to save the others. The Old Black Fly, however, is not at all helpful; in fact, his book describes 26 awful things he did in one summer day!