New York is English, Chattanooga is Creek

written and illustrated by Chris Raschka

New York City decides to throw a party to make new friends of the other unique cities like Chattanooga and Minneapolis.

Names, names, names. This odd book personifies cities according to their names. The illustrations are abstract cartoon caricatures representing each city, dressed related to the meaning of their name and with a headress or hat that looks somewhat like the skyline buildings of that city. For example, "New York is boastful, named for a nobleman." He is dressed like a dandy in ruffles, pursed lips, bouffant white wig, carrying a cane and topped by the Empire State Building.

There is not much story. New York invites a number of other cities to a party because he wants new friends in addition to El Paso, Minneapolis, and Chattanooga. The guest list is included at the beginning of the book with the origin and meaning of the name of each invited city. The rhythmic text builds on this information:

Amarillo mixed with Baton Rouge,  who mingled with Green Bay. That is yellow, red, and green.

Chicago is fearsome, ferocious. Has to be. With a name like stinking onions, you've got to stick up for yourself."