Mousekin's Golden House

written and illustrated by Edna Miller

A little mouse scurrying along a path in the woods is frightened by a discarded jack-o-lantern. After careful scrutiny he decides to fix it up to be his winter home.

A little whitefoot mouse finds a discarded Jack-o-lantern on his path through the woods. Avoiding the many dangers he faces, he hurries around finding things to fix up the rotting  pumpkin to be a cozy winter home. Realistic watercolor illustrations bring the text to life.

I Love This Book

I usually read this book a day or two after Halloween.  We then make sure all of our Halloween decorations are put away or taken home (just as the Jack-o-lantern of the story was thrown out).  We might discuss what the students plan to do with their Jack-o-lanterns and some might choose to put their Jack out for woodland creatures to eat or to use.  Starting with the various woodland creatures of this story we introduce the idea that not all animals winter in the same way.  This was usually a good place to introduce the terms “hibernation”, “migration”, and winter “preparation”.

Pat Gramling

Note: This book is currently out of print, although paper and hardcover copies are available through several different booksellers.