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This section includes descriptions and links to recommended picture books that make excellent feature books in different themes or are special favorites that can extend and enrich the study of a particular subject.

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Christmas in the Big House, Christmas in the Quarters cover Christmas in the Big House, Christmas in the Quarters

Describes the customs, recipes, poems, and songs used to celebrate Christmas in the big plantation houses and in the slave quarters just before the Civil War.

The Ghost Dance cover The Ghost Dance

When the bountiful world of their ancestors was no more, the Paiute prophets had visions of a dance that would restore it. The ghost dance movement began in hope as native peoples came together to to dance for their shared dream.

Gone Wild cover Gone Wild: An Endangered Animal Alphabet

Bold and playful illustrations transform each letter into a work of art graphically rendered with animal characteristics.

The Baby Zoo cover The Baby Zoo

Revealing photographs and informative text share what young members of the animal kingdom eat, where they live, their baby names, and much more.

Days of the Ducklings cover Days of the Ducklings

A winning look at the wonder of the common eider duck, the splendor of Iceland, and the resourcefulness of one child.

Eating Fractions cover Eating Fractions

From bananas to pizza to fresh strawberry pie, this simple concept book looks into the world of halves, thirds, and quarters with delicious full-color photographs and delightful recipes.

The Problem with Chickens cover The Problem with Chickens

When women in an Icelandic village buy chickens to lay eggs for them to use, the chickens follow them and adopt human ways. No more eggs.

If You Decide to Go to the Moon cover If You Decide to Go to the Moon

Accompany a boy on a fascinating excursion to the moon. "Read this book first. It will tell you how to get there and what to do after you land. The most important part tells you how to get home."

Fright Night Flight cover Fright Night Flight

Creepy characters galore! One by one, the ghoulish gang climbs onto this super jet-fueled broomstick for a fun flight on Halloween night.

This First Thanksgiving Day cover This First Thanksgiving Day: A counting story

Twelve short poems that combine counting with the story of the first Thanksgiving with the Pilgrims and the Wampanoag.

12 Ways to Get to 11 cover 12 Ways to Get to 11

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 __ 12 What happened to 11? Is it in the magician's hat? Maybe it's in the mailbox or hiding in the jack-o'-lantern?

Halloween ABC cover Halloween ABC

A short Halloween poem representing each letter of the alphabet.

Train Leaves the Station cover Train Leaves the Station

A predictable poem combined with childlike illustrations in bold colors tell about the little train leaving the station at various times.

The Wise Woman and Her Secret cover The Wise Woman and Her Secret

A story about a woman and the villagers who demand to know the secret of her wisdom. "You will have to discover it for yourselves."

Waiting for Winter cover Waiting for Winter

Squirrel enlists the aid of friends Hedgehog and Bear to help him stay awake to find out about snow.

Museum 123 cover Museum 123

Numbers from 1 to 10 are introduced through masterpieces of art from the Metropolitan Museum's collections of over 2 million works.

Museum ABC cover Museum ABC

"Everyone knows A is for apple but does everyone see an apple the same way?" Explore various perspectives of representations for each letter of the alphabet.

Museum Shapes cover Museum Shapes

Introduces readers to basic and complex shapes through The Metropolitan Museum's extensive and varied collections of art.

Five Little Bats Flying in the Night cover Five Little Bats Flying in the Night

Each of five little bats has a scare and disappears. What will their mother do?

The Great Turkey Race cover The Great Turkey Race

Ollie overhears the farmers talking about choosing a special turkey for Thanksgiving and a series of contests are arranged to see which one should be picked.

The Leaves Are Falling One by One cover The Leaves Are Falling One by One

Rhythmic text counts groups of colorful leaves from one to ten as they fall to the ground or fly in the wind.

We're Going on a Leaf Hunt cover We're Going on a Leaf Hunt

Three friends are going on a leaf hunt. They're going right away. They are finding colorful leaves. It's a wonderful day!

When the Leaf Blew In cover When the Leaf Blew In

Comic illustrations of farm animals show the cycle of actions triggered by a leaf causing a cow to sneeze.

Baby Bat’s Lullaby cover Baby Bat’s Lullaby

"Go to sleep small new prince of the dark."

I Spy Shapes in Art cover I Spy Shapes in Art

Each of fourteen magnificent paintings contains a different shape to find. Some are easy to spot, and others are more challenging.

I Spy Two Eyes cover I Spy Two Eyes: Numbers in Art

Using the traditional `I spy with my little eye' rhyme, readers are asked to find the numbered details in each of 20 works of art.

The Egg Tree cover The Egg Tree

When Katy discovers her grandmother's old hand-painted Easter eggs in the attic, she inspires the renewal of a special Pennsylvania Dutch tradition: the Easter egg tree!

Duck Duck cover Duck Duck

Not knowing his mate was killed by a fox, a mallard drake raises his offspring and waits patiently through the winter for her return.

Mousekin's Golden House cover Mousekin's Golden House

A little mouse scurrying along a path in the woods is frightened by a discarded jack-o-lantern. After careful scrutiny he decides to fix it up to be his winter home.

This is Your Life Cycle cover This is Your Life Cycle

Your comic host, Bob Beetle, takes special guest Dahlia Dragonfly down memory lane, sharing the different stages of a dragonfly’s life, the various predators they face, what they eat, and other amazing facts.

If the Earth . . . cover If the Earth . . .Were a Few Feet in Diameter

The wonders of the world are portrayed in paintings, poetic text, and a presentation of facts about planet Earth.

Guess Who? cover Guess Who?

Delightful full-color photographs show many different workers to answer questions about helpers in the community.

Substitute Groundhog cover Substitute Groundhog

Groundhog is sick. He interviews a number of animal friends to find someone to look for their shadow in his place on February 2nd.

Richard Wright and the Library Card cover Richard Wright and the Library Card

As a boy in the segregated South of the 1920s, author Richard Wright was determined to use books from the public library in spite of the fact that borrowing privileges did not extend to blacks.

Bats and Other Animals of the Night cover Bats and Other Animals of the Night

A Random House Pictureback book that tells about nocturnal animals of the woods and meadows and some who live in the desert.

Christmas Tree! cover Christmas Tree!

Large brightly colored pictures show many different types of decorated trees.

Vroom, Chugga, Vroom-Vroom cover Vroom, Chugga, Vroom-Vroom

Drivers in cars numbered 1-20 wait at the starting line, eager to win the race. One by one, the cars spin out, come apart, or fall behind, until one finally crosses the finish line.

Down Buttermilk Lane cover Down Buttermilk Lane

An Amish family spends a fall day doing errands in the village, visiting, and returning home in time for supper.

Both Sides Now cover Both Sides Now

An illustrated version of the Joni Mitchell song about looking at things from different perspectives.

Baseball Saved Us cover Baseball Saved Us

During World War II, a young Japanese-American boy and his family are sent to an internment camp where father and son pull the camp together to build a baseball diamond.